// This may be random but,//

my future significant other has to be willing to travel, be adventurous, oh and of course have a sense of humor. 

& on that note, what does a nosey pepper do? …. Gets jalapeno business! 

that is all. =)

can I just go to alaska to see the northern lights already? 

can I just go to alaska to see the northern lights already? 

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// things are looking up.//

It’s amazing how the smallest actions can make your entire day. I opened up an email earlier to read that I was confirmed for both a ticket and a photo pass for the vans warped tour this saturday. Just reading that made me ecstatic! I know it’s not a big deal to most individuals, but it is to me. Shooting at Warped Tour is something that I’ve always wanted to do since I’ve began my journey as a photographer, and now it’s finally come true. I’ve worked really hard within the past year, shooting at shows and events, and it’s truly paid off. I still have so much to improve as a photographer, and I’m still learning each day as I shoot. The music webzine I’m actually working for had a huge falling out, and everyone decided to call it quits. However, calling it quits meant that I would have to wait yet another year to fill our the Warped application. I then took it upon myself to continue the webzine on my own so that one of my goals would be accomplished… and now it has. The whole point of this is to encourage you all to not give up, and to work hard at whatever goals and dreams you want to fulfill. Anything is absolutely possible. Of course, things don’t always come as easy as we may want them to, but it’s the struggle and fight that makes us stronger, and makes the accomplishment so much more worth it. Don’t ever give up on your goals, work as hard as you can towards them, and one day you’ll fulfill them. =D

oh and for those who are going to the Uniondale, NY date saturday, let’s hang! =)

// just think.//

In all honesty, at times I just want to give a stranger a ride. Just pull over to the side of the road during those harsh New York winters, those thunderstorms, or for whatever reason and just say ” hop in, I’ll drive you. ” However, in the society we live in, there’s violence wherever we go. Some places more than others, and for that reason I may never offer a stranger a ride. They make think awful thoughts that I’m just trying to rob them of their belongings, when in reality, I’m just being a kind individual. It’s funny that when someone is kind to us, we tend to think the worst. “What does this person want in return?” “What are they going to do?” …. can’t a person simply be genuine and nice out of the kindness of their hearts? For this reason, I wish we could live in a world full of peace and love. We wouldn’t have doubts about others’ actions. However, I know that would never happen. According to my past sociology classes, violence is needed. It’s needed to make a city function, and it’s needed to create jobs. But just think how the world would be if it didn’t exist….just think.

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